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General condition of sale

ARTICLE I: General conditions of sale

These general conditions of sale apply to services provided by the hotel.
These terms and conditions will allow hotel guests to make their reservations seamlessly. All bookings imply full and unreserved adherence to these conditions from the client, to the exclusion of any other documents such as brochures, business documents etc.

ARTICLE II: Reservation – Deposit

By telephone, the customer lets us have a valid credit card number.
Then they must confirm the reservation within 48 hours by mail, fax or email.
Or if the customer does not wish to entrust their credit card number, they can send us a letter with a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total holiday cost. In default of payment, the hotel will not keep open the reservation and does not guarantee the availability of rooms booked. In accordance with the provisions of Article 1590 of the French Civil Code, “any guarantee deposit paid will be fully vested.” The amounts paid as deposit will be refunded at the end of the stay for the agreed period, or deducted from the invoice.

ARTICLE III: Organisation of booking

Rooms: The rooms will be available to persons from 4pm and must be vacated on departure day no later than 11am. Exceeding this period may result in you being billed an extra night.
Breakfast: the customer must cancel breakfast, at the latest, the day before the deadline of 6pm. In addition, the hotel reserves the right to charge for breakfast even if they are not consumed.
Services ordered and not cancelled, will be charged on the basis of the entire stay.

ARTICLE IV: Modifying benefits

Any request for change in benefits relative to the reservation is made, must be made in writing to the hotel.

ARTICLE V: Total or partial cancellation

The change of date of stay is considered a total cancellation and gives rise to the application of the cancellation policy.
Up to 14 days before the start date of the stay and whatever the reason, the deposit will be refunded.
Less than 14 days to 48 hours before the arrival date, the deposit will be retained.
After this period, the reservation, if cancelled within 48 hours of arrival, the deposit will be fully retained and the balance of the booking will be taken on the credit card used at the time of booking.

ARTICLE VI: Relocating

In case of a force majeure, the hhotel reserves the right to totally or partially accommodate the participants in a hotel nearby or equivalent with similar benefits – the costs of the transfer remain the responsibility of the hotel – which can be sought in payment of any additional compensation.


Prices are expressed in euros and confirmed on reservation. Price requests are firm until the end date of exercise of the option. After this time, they are subject to change based on economic conditions. The tariffs are then those in force on the date of completion of the service. They may be changed in case of legislative change and / or regulations which could result in price changes such as changing of the VAT rate, introduction of new taxes, etc.

ARTICLE VIII: Method of settlement

Terms of settlement prices are divided as follows:
The deposit will be refunded to the final bill at the end of your stay for the agreed period (balance). Invoice balances are payable at reception on the day of departure. Unless otherwise specified, no period for payment is granted. Regulation of extras (drinks, telephone, etc.) used by the persons, will be payed for by the relevant participants before their departure. Failing settlement of the bill, the invoice will be sent to the client.
Any delay in payment will result in the billing delay penalties equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate without prior notice rates.

ARTICLE IX: Insurance – deterioration – breakage – theft

The customer must ensure the safekeeping of property and equipment. A safe is available. The customer must inform the hotel of any damage which they have caused. Persons are responsible for any damage caused and must undertake, in this event (your room, common areas such as living room or bathroom) to bear the costs of said damage.

ARTICLE X: Recommendations

The customer agrees not to invite any person whose behavior is likely to prejudice the establishment – the latter reserves the right to intervene if necessary. The customer cannot bring in drinks or food without prior management approval. The customer agrees to abide by (the customers and their guests), all instructions and regulations of the hotel (including the prohibition of smoking). The customer will ensure that participants do not disturb the operation of the establishment or impair the security of the hotel and the people who are staying there.

ARTICLE XI: Force Majeure

The property can be released from its obligations if it is unable to be used as a hotel because of the occurrence of an event of force majeure, and in particular in case of total or partial destruction of establishment, strike, etc.